Friday, August 15, 2008

Psycho Butterfly

JeromeProphet Digital Art - Psycho Butterfly

Real men like butterflies. I snapped some photographs of a beautiful yellow and black butterfly fluttering upon a patch of pink flowers. It was a remarkable sight as nearby was a Monarch butterfly - one of the largest, and most beautiful I had ever seen.

I digitally modified one photo, and present it here as Psyho Butterfly - a play on the word Psychedelic.

The butterfly dominates the foreground while a modern high rise office building lends its pattern to the background. The photograph was taken in August of 2008 in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

The photograph below was take of a Monarch butterfly using my camera phone at two mega pixels. Both the yellow and black butterfly above, and the Monarch were taking advantage of the flowers in Horace Mann Plaza.

Monarch Butterfly - August 2008 - Downtown Springfield, Illinois

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Springfield, Illinois' Prostitute Row Now Closed

Capitol Avenue & Seventh Street - Springfield, Illinois' Prostitute Row

The street which lay between Springfield, Illinois' Municipal Library, and Founder's Church is officially known as Capitol Avenue, but local folks know it as "Prostitute Row", or "Tootie Row" as the children like to call it.

Each night dozens of the city's prostitutes descend upon Capitol Avenue seeking protection from abusive pimps, crazed drug addicts, and a serial killer who is believed to be preying upon Springfield's homeless, and its ladies of the night.

Downtown Springfield, Illinois' Capitol Avenue was once a sedate, and proper neighborhood bordered by Founder's Church, the church that Abraham Lincoln's family attended, the city's Carnegie Library, now called Springfield Municipal Library, and the City of Springfield's Police Department headquarters.

Yet, as the city's tourism business declined in the 1980s so too did the historic Capitol Avenue area leading to a slow invasion of drug dealers, prostitutes, wanders, and troublemakers.

During the 19th century, when Capitol Avenue went under the name of Market Street, children and their parents would stroll down the narrow road to visit the historic Abraham Lincoln home. Today few visit the street during the evening hours despite the police presence.

Out of desperation Springfield, Illinois' city council obtained Federal and State grants in order to have the entire street torn out.

The project, only partially completed, appears to have worked. Without pavement, and with the street blocked off, there is no longer a way for Prostitutes, and their Johns to conduct business. While office workers, church goers, and library patrons may be inconvenienced the area overall has seen a dramatic drop in violent and drug related crimes.

Let's hope the city of Springfield, Illinois has a better plan than simply tearing up a road to deal with the city's large population of prostitutes. Many believe that prostitutes have simply relocated, and that the millions of tax payer dollars spent tearing up Capitol Avenue was simply a pork barrel project with no justification.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oddly Striated Clouds Over Springfield, Illinois

August 11th, 2008 Downtown Springfield, Illinois 7:00 P.M.

I shot these photos in black and white from downtown Springfield, Illinois. The north and western sky over Springfield, Illinois was covered with an unusual cloud formation. It looked as if some great cloud weaver had stitched the clouds together.

While I took several photographs I spoke with an associate about of all subjects - covert weather modification. Believe it or n0t - I wasn't the one to start the subject. Soon this individual, who is a former law enforcement officer, was sharing his beliefs about secret government programs to change the weather by creating overcast with jet aircraft contrails.

I had never even once spoken with this gentleman about the subject - it was kind of funny.

Oddly Striated Clouds Over Springfield, Illinois - High Contrast

The photograph included in this post is reproduced several time. The first image is pretty much what the photo looks like at 640 by 480. I haven't enhanced it in any way.

In the second photo we see the same image, but I have increased contrast to show the striations. These striations were highly visible with the naked eye, and several people noticed them.

The photograph below is a close up of the right hand side of the image above. You'll notice an almost mathematically precise striation affect within the cloud.

These striations appear to be due to a pile up of contrails from hundreds, perhaps thousands of jet aircraft contrails. I'm not quite certain what the process is which allows a mass of contrails to slowly merge forming clouds, however, this photo is an excellent illustration of the process.

Close Up - Odd Stripes In Clouds Over Springfield, Illinois

Link To Original Photo Of Odd Striped Clouds Over Springfield, Illinois photographed from the corner of 7th, and Jefferson (Downtown) at 7:00 P.M. Looking West.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank You For Your Kind Comments

To those of you who have sent me supportive emails, or have made kind comments, relating to my recent post regarding my estranged sisters - I say thanks. From Sweden to the Gulf Coast of America Hugs.

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